Wild Tide Beginner’s Tournament #27

We finally won a game in a beginner’s tournament and got into TOP8!

Every week there is a number of online tournaments being run for Guilty Gear Strive, so many so that you can enter beginners, intermediate and open. I even have a beginners tournament on a Wednesday night, however on a Tuesday Wild Tide run a beginners tournament which gets around 20 participants. Some of these players are in most of the beginners tournaments (only get excluded once they win or over qualify) throughout the week so you get to see them online or play them in tower/parks. Anyways over the past few weeks I have been unable to make these tournaments and the ones I have entered have been straight 0-2 loses. Over the last week I have played a few people I knew and they have given me some hints, not on match-ups but the basics of playing and what I’m not doing or doing to much etc… which will help against all characters. I have been slowly adding these to my game play and have noticed a difference, still losing matches but now in a different way but a constructive learning way. Having changed my thought process of playing I thought I would try it in one of the beginner’s tournament and this Tuesday night during our stream we entered Wild Tide (Full Bracket).

I used the time before the tournament to play some tower matches which when my tower8 was empty I went to 10 to see who was about and found Zidine (May player) and played some games, also it was more testing my new play style against higher players to see how it played compared to my previous style even the style on Sunday.

vs. Alchemy – This was a Leo matchup, which I felt I could handle ok but how wrong I was. I took the first 2 games well and thought my new style was working, then the one bit which I remembered being caught out on before was when he does his back turn and starts dashing through you. Something in my mind told me I could throw him when he moved through you, but this didn’t help much and he ended up cleaning up 3 games in a row. Not great watching but its all learning and we need to learn from this.

vs. Dendras – Now we are in losers we can get a mix of newer players than me or tough round 1 winners which seeded two good players. My first match was against a Baiken player who was new to the game and just didn’t know how to deal with the rush down of Giovanna. I tried to use the later rounds to get a feel of hitting combos or supers into match play.

vs. Sheer Fart Attack – This player was coming from a win then loss, so knew some basics of the game. This was a Sol Badguy and also seemed fairly new to the game but using his standard moves from training which is strong and can catch a new player out, I went 2-0 up and then he came back pretty strong to take the score to 2-1. This started to then make me think of the Winners Round 1, but keep my head on and pulled out the win.

vs. zidine – Having played Zidine earlier in the night so I knew this was going to be a lose, however as long as I learn and credit to Zidine he is a better player and even if I did win i’d have to play MNOLTH next which is testament so I accepted this would be the end of my run. My only aim was not to get a perfect as I was on stream also for this match.

Overall happy with the progress and top8 may have been to high for my level due to the players I played against and number of participants, but its just now trying again next week and aiming to get top8 again.