Where do we go from here?

GREAT WEEKEND playing, watching and chatting video games, but where now?

After the weekend and thinking of how much I enjoyed the weekend of playing old games, watching new games  and talking with friends old and new from the community I really started to look at what I have accomplished within the FGC (Fighting Game Community). As much as I have done for getting events started and growing Electronic Dojo, Grand Master Challenge and a few smaller ones I never really became a player as the time was very much taken up with all the behind the scenes, this is where this website came into existence. I want to go back to playing games and help out at Electronic Dojo events, but get back to going to other community events and entering them.

Here lies another problem, I only really ever played SuperTurbo which at its best run in the UK recently will only get 50 players at VSF and for a local event maybe 4/5. I tried back a few years to revive the game with GrandMasterChallenge and it worked, but now its only a few elitist players and older players who play which means for me to start my new journey I really have to pick up a new game! I’ve always played the latest versions of Street Fighter as its a game I’m comfortable with and know basics even if the new techs are out of my knowledge, however everyone is waiting for Street Fighter 6 to be released and therefore a new player to SFV is pointless as everyone else who plays the game level will be so high, so there wont be much room to develop as a new player.

VSfighting gave me a good platform to see new games and the community and even though I’ve struggled in playing Guilty Gear in the past iterations this looks to be the game out there which ticks a lot of the boxes. It’s one of the most recent games to be released, it has great net code for playing online (both PC and PSN) and the community is still getting daily new players.

We will think about this over the weekend and chat to a few other players and make a decision. GGPO