What’s Local?

What events are happening in the South West Midlands?

First thing we need to do is see what local events are happening around my area. So in the South-West midlands there is not an awful amount of choice, yes I could play online but I really want to get to meet the community and enjoy going to other events as the large majority of events I’ve attended have always been part of my own. Looking around in about a 1-1.5hr drive radius we only have a couple of options, we have Electronic Dojo (but as I said I’ll end up being involved in anything there) but the guys at SMBF (Super Mine Battle Farm) located in Bristol have survived the pandemic and still running regular weekly events.

Looking on there facebook page along with the Waistman Weeklies (every Sunday), they are hosting a small major event titled Sodium Showdown XX being ran on the 16/Oct/22. The event was last ran back in 2019 and its an all day event with multiple tournaments. The tournament games will be Guilty Gear Strive, The King of Fighters XV and Ultra Street Fighter IV.

In the process of supporting local events and playing a new game, this is what is local to me and therefore they must have a community fanbase to have been chosen as tournament games. Therefore I need to be looking at these games as a starting point, I already discounted Street Fighter V in previous post, Tekken 7 even though I know has a big Birmingham fan base I dont enjoy 3D fighters so crossed that out, Dragon Ball Fighter Z another that doesn’t interest me and have no attachment, this leaves me with 2 games from the original 5 games considered (DNF Duel wasn’t an option as will be over by next year)  Guilty Gear Strive and The King of Fighters XV. King of Fighters has always been a game that has been in the background to Street Fighter right from the 90’s, but it was a game my group of friends never really played. Even though it has solid fundamentals and gameplay, I’m not sure if its the team selection or look I just couldn’t get on with so never really played it when other games were available. This leaves me with Guilty Gear Strive, now as previously said I played older iterations of the game but always found the screen very chaotic, I did play Blazblue which seemed to be a toned down visual effects and really enjoyed the new techniques that I hadn’t played before in Street Fighter.

Sodium Showdown XX is about 7 weeks away, so I will pick up Guilty Gear Strive this week, learn enough to be able to enter Sodium Showdown XX and hopefully I will not get 0-2 (losing both bracket games) in my first offline tournament!! Whatever the outcome it’s going to be a fun 7 weeks!

I wont be posting my progress on character select, training and progression on here as it will be almost a daily update. I will be posting this on my twitter page so please jump over there and give it a follow. GGPO