Good News we made it to VSFightingX and what a weekend we had!!!

Electronic Dojo is hosting the event again at Millennium Point, Birmingham. I was among the 1000+ players from around the UK, Europe and few from further a field that turned up.
With 11 tournaments being run this weekend and a preview of Street Fighter 6, it was definitely going to be a busy weekend. The biggest game was going to be Tekken7, with it being a master event on the Tekken World Tour. Followed closely by Guilty Gear Strive & DNF Duel which is part of the Arc World Tour and then some of the other games were run by the respective communities.

Turns out I had to work on the Saturday, running the DBZF brackets with Jinty. Most of the day was taken up by running the pools as each game took around 10 minutes, which when Im use to playing SuperTurbo was a long time. As comes with running a bracket so comes the issues with trying to get players to play matches, especially when they have entered multiple games. Also still shouting out players isn’t great so next year ill take a MEGAPHONE!! Anyways most of the day was taken up with bracket running, I did manage to play a few games on the VersusCity cabinets of SuperTurbo and got to chat with a few of the players whom seems like an annual meet up for the SuperTurbo crowd.

After spending the previous day working, today was my day of actually enjoying the event. Sunday is normally finals day and in the main auditorium with the cinema screen, so what better way to hide than sat in there. I was able to watch the majority of Street Fighter V, some of DNF Duel and most of Guilty Gear Strive. The atmosphere to the room was great and each game brought it own community of players and even though I was unsure on some of the game’s mechanics it was a great experience to watch games that I’ve not played before.

Overall it was a great weekend meeting old and new players and back to VSFighting after the pandemic. The weekend also got me thinking of where I fit in with this community and how to move forward with it again…  GGPO.