Street Fighter 6 BETA

We can’t wait for the full release!!

Most of us got to play on the SF6 BETA this weekend and what a game Capcom has delivered.

Initial thoughts was a bit complicated, as I wanted to Press Start and go straight into matches, once I had created a character and read some of the general info you were then put into the Battle Hub. This seems to be where everything will take place, with different battles, shops, gaming challenges. There was some bits which I did find over complicated, you had to select each button layout for each character (you can however apply settings to all). Also you were unable to select character between matches, you had to stick to the character which makes sense for online play once released but for the BETA I wanted to play a variety of characters, so I set this to random however it still would only change once I returned to the Hub.

The Game
I was able to play all characters looking to see if I could change my own mindset of playing original characters. Ryu felt very much like SF5, Guile is the same as every other and Chun-Li still feels to different to me (but this is personal opinion). However from this I really did like playing Kimberly (even though her character style I wasn’t sure on especially with the gloss look skin), I played the character more as a rush down this could be due to playing Giovanna on Guilty Gear Strive recently. I think on release or if there is another BETA I will look more into combos and mechanics but this weekend was just to play and have some fun.

Hopefully Capcom will make some tweaks , but for the first play this is really going to make the fighting community happy next year and lots of tournaments to come!