Sodium Showdown Results

We been playing GGS for 7 weeks how we get on in a tournament?

Finally the 7 weeks were up and Sodium Showdown was this weekend. After VSFighting the aim was to pick up Guilty Gear Strive, pick a character and learn the basics and enter an offline tournament in Bristol. Even though I hadn’t played as much as I felt I should and was still very shaky with the matchups it wasn’t time to give up even though the entrants bracket looked like some top UK players coming.

The goal of this tournament was to at least get a round, even a game on my matches. I was in no way expecting to get any kind of win (and I didn’t its not a Hollywood movie). Once the brackets had been set and tournament was started, my first game was against AcidG (one of the ZBI crew and plays Axl Low/Potemkin). Our game was on stream so have included it below for reference, he selected Axl Low which for me was a preferred match-up as I’m still unsure how to deal with Potemkin and the damage he deals out. Obviously he was more experienced than me and been playing over a year so he rightly so won 3-0. During the match I could have won a round if I had RC into a super but with pressure and all just failed, but I felt that if I had played maybe more games against AcidG I would have got some wins eventually… but tournament is first to 3 so accepted and moved on.

Next match was a by as the player DQ’d so that took me out of Round One Losers. That meant I had to against a Millia player called Ana, who had been placed in loser by ZBI Xandere (Ramlethal player). Now Millia is a character I really struggle with in the few match-ups I have played, just seems she moves so fast around the screen I just cant catch her. Also some of the moves she does I don’t know the hit boxes or how to counter certain mix ups, but best player won and I lost 3-0.

Overall the tournament placement was better than expected, the record will show 25th Place with 1-2. However reality is I would have been a 0-2 and I accept that result as due to my level of skill and knowledge of the game I wouldn’t have expected more. I came away happy that I went and being my first tournament in a good few years, I enjoyed the atmosphere and wanted to go back for more tournaments and practice.

Photos: sodaspark