Discord and My own Online Tournament

We now have a DISCORD and running online events!

Over the last few days we now have a discord channel, in which we have setup to help with match-making for practice to the upcoming tournament.Discord has been a great resource and there is a good number of online beginner/intermediate tournaments that you can enter every week, also the community is more than happy to play games with you and answer questions on moves, combos, match-ups etc.. so if you are new then join up to discord.

After playing a few tournaments and wanting more Match-Up experience in a tournament atmosphere, somehow I decided that it would be a good idea for me to run my own Beginner’s Tournament on a Wednesday evening. In all fairness this is not a new process to me and I have majority of overlays etc.. to get this going, I just needed to find some beginner’s like me and we can progress and grow through the game and maybe even meet up at local events if they are UK based.

So if you are new to Guilty Gear Strive or new to fighting games and want to chat with other like minded people then please stop by our discord and join up for a tournament.